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Jay Dickens' Customers Rock the Tracks

Published on: Wednesday, October 8th 2008

Mike Palasini Jr. won the Open Wheel Modified feature two weeks ago at Greenville Speedway in Greenville, Mississippi with a Jay Dickens Racing Engine. Hunter Rasdon used a Jay Dickens Powerplant to power his #r5 Open Wheel Modified to the feature win at Malden Speedway. Eddie Kirchoff picked up the $5,000 prize in Gillette, Wyoming with a JDRE engine. A Jay Dickens Racing Engine and JDRE Shocks powered Voodoo Motorsports driver, David Breazeale, to the feature win in MSCCS Late Model action at Deep South Speedway in Loxley, Alabama. Greg Johnson used a Jay Dickens powerplant to win the feature event at Ponderosa Speedway in Kentucky.


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